WordPress White Admin Screen

If you have logged in to your WordPress site, only to be greeted with a white admin screen, don’t panic. The WordPress white admin screen may well be down to a bug in an older version of WordPress that is fairly easy to fix.

Recently, I was asked to add new content to a client’s site that had not been touched in over 3 years. The front end showed the site as expected and I was able to log in, but once into the admin area, I could see the side navigation buttons and nothing else. The rest of the screen was white, no matter which of the buttons I clicked. This is a variation of the White Screen of Death that is often due to a PHP error, either in a plugin or the database. This one was down to a bug in the core WordPress code, and can be fixed by editing a core file.

wordpress white admin screen

Go to wp-admin > includes > screen.php and head to line 706. You will find a line that you need to change:

<?php echo self::$this->_help_sidebar; ?>

Change it for the following: <?php echo $this->_help_sidebar; ?>

Once you have saved the file you should be able to reload the admin page and see the content. Once you can see your page, update WordPress to the latest stable release!

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