Install WordPress on a Mac with MAMP – Video

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If you want to install WordPress on a Mac, or a PC, for local testing and development, you can do it for free, using MAMP. I recently uploaded a screencast to YouTube showing how easy it is to get started.

WordPress is free, MAMP is free* so what are you waiting for?

Install WordPress on a Mac – Video

In the video I mention where to download the installers. Here are the links:

Download WordPress:

Download MAMP:

* The MAMP download package for Mac OS X contains both the free version of MAMP and a 14 day trial of MAMP Pro. You can use the free version without needing MAMP Pro and it is the free version I use in the video. However, there are lots of reasons that you might want to pay the £39.00 fee for the full Pro version. Read more here:

I am also using Pressmatic for my local development environment. I will be posting more details about this soon, but in the meantime you can visit for information.

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