Add a Twitter Widget To Your WordPress Site

If you need to add a Twitter widget to your WordPress site, it is fairly easy and only requires a few steps.

Along the side of my site pages, I have a widget that shows my latest tweets and make things easier for people wanting to follow or send messages to me. I added this by logging into my Twitter account and going to the settings.

Creating a Twitter Widget

Once you have signed in to your Twitter account, go to Widgets:

twitter widgets

You want to create a new one, so click the button on the top-right:

create new twitter widget

You have some options here so set whatever you want and click the blue Create widget button.

twitter widget settings

Customisation is limited to link colour via this method, but there is a very useful Codepen example showing how to control the appearance through the use of javascript here.

After you create the widget, code is generated:

twitter widget code

Copy this then go back to your WordPress site.

Adding the Twitter Widget to Your WordPress Site

Go to Appearance > Widgets and add a new Text widget to your sidebar. Give it a title if you wish and paste your code into the box. Save and you are done!

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