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These days, everyone seems to be writing a blog, either for fun or as a way of increasing the traffic to your main website. You may have heard of blogs, but not know what they are or how they can help your business.

wordpress logoGenerally speaking, blogs are websites, but they tend to be used to add or update content on a frequent basis, unlike most websites that tend to provide information that changes very little. In fact, many blog posts make reference to content on your main website and serve to drive traffic towards it.

Blogs often come with a ready-built Content Management System (CMS) installed, allowing blog owners and authors to add and edit posts and content easily. They run with a database which loads the content and comments on to the pages and can usually be either hosted on the blog-suppliers server, or self-hosted on your own domain name.

The Haiz Design website (and blog) you are looking at right now is self-hosted.

Give your brand a boost with the search engines by adding a blog to your domain. Regular posts will show as new content, encouraging search engines to move you up in the results due to your content being more current.

There are several different blogging services available including WordPress, Blogger and TypePad. Some of these services are free and others are paid or subscription-based.

wordpress - not just a blogging platformI tend to favour WordPress for many reasons; it is easy to use, can be customised, and also due to my familiarity with it!

It can be expanded through the use of plug-in elements that give your blog new features such as spam filtering, traffic analysis and even e-commerce capabilities.

If you would like help with setting up and building a blog with custom theme (design) to suit you and your business visit the Contact page to get more information or a quote now.

WordPress Training

Haiz Design also teaches users of WordPress to help them get the most out of their blog. See the WordPress Training page to find out more.