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Just like everything, web trends change and websites can become dated very quickly. A website that works and is functional is vital to the credibility and success of any business, but a website that looks like it has been neglected or is just plain tired-looking can be a huge shot in the foot.

How often you want to get your website updated is a matter of personal budget and choice, but thinking that once you have a site online and it is good enough as it is, well, that is simply lazy and potentially disastrous.

There are plenty of quick-fixes such as reviewing and changing background colours, link styling and graphics, but a comprehensive site makeover can breathe new life into an old site and give your business a new-found sense of momentum.

Here is an example of a site I have just been working on; Homesparkle Home Cleaning and Life Management Services. Below is a before and after.

Website Before

Homesparkle Website After

The previous version of the site used a more restricted colour palette, whereas the new site allows for a more extensible menu and page structure. The colours are introduced through the graphics and the pages have a simple layout. It can be edited by the site owner using Contribute and seasonal graphics can be altered by uploading new images, letting css pick up the changes.

If you want to find out about getting your site updated or given a new look, contact me via the main website contact page by clicking this link here:

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