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If you have a website domain name and get a letter from a company called the Domain Renewal Group, read this…

I received what looked like an invoice from this company in the post, telling me that my domain was due to expire and I needed to request to renew it through them, 3 months ahead of expiry. They even add a little fear in to the mix:

“Failure to renew your domain name by the expiration date may result in loss of your online identity…”

Here is their little logo:

domain renewal group

DRG logo

I’m sure what they are doing is legitimate but what they are doing is effectively sending out spam or junk mail in an attempt to make people renew early and in the process transfer the domain to their company, for larger fee’s than normal. Such letters should be ignored.

Always renew your domain with the people you initially registered it with, unless you consciously decide otherwise!

It may also be worth checking with your domain registrar whether they offer whois privacy on your domain. This will prevent people being able to see your address and target you for this kind of scam.

I’m just in the process of arranging that for myself…

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