Eye-Catching Elements For Websites and Banner Ads

Animation on websites still has it’s place – from making websites visually engaging and bringing content to life, and for an eye-catching way of drawing your visitor’s attention to your advert.

And the great news is that you don’t need to use Flash.

Web animations and moving content can be made available to your mobile visitors too, and even those on some of the older browsers, like IE6.

Web Animations

Using the power of CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScriptCSS, this is made possible, as long as your visitors use a modern browser*, and those chances are very high. Fallbacks can be used to help out getting your website animations working with almost all browsers. These animations can be complete websites or animated content on your web pages.

Below are of examples of web animations that use CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript created by Haiz Design that should play on all your devices and browsers. Click the images to load the animations.

Living Large Web Animation
Pavilion Website Animation

If you are looking for a Flash-alternative to get your content noticed, visit the Contact page to get more information or a quote now.

*Modern browsers that support the full range of CSS3 animations include:

Chrome: 4+, Safari: 4+, Firefox: 5+, Internet Explorer: 10+, Opera: 12+, iOS 3.2+, Android 2.1+, IE Mobile: 10+