Add Some Video to Make Your Site Entertaining, Informative or Engaging

If a picture tells a thousand words, just think how much a video would say on your website.

YouTube logoThese days, the web is delivered largely by broadband and other high speed connections to homes and offices around the world. This has made the delivery of multi-media online a reality and with that has grown the rise of video hosting websites like YouTube, MetaCafe and Vimeo.

Video is exciting, fun and can entertain or inform.

Make your brand come alive and give your customers something worth looking at.

If you have a product or brand you want to promote and intend to provide an advertising or training video, there are a couple of options:

  • Use one of the popular web video hosting sites
  • Include it on your own website
  • Offer it as a download – or on DVD.

Here is an example of a training video hosted on YouTube and added to this website.

Below are some examples of video for websites, including uses on website banners, as demonstration video and a promotional video clip.

Please be patient as the clips take a moment to load.

Template Video BannerABC Massage VideoPromo Video Clip

At Haiz Design, a combination of video tools are used including Motion and Final Cut Pro, along with Flash when required. These allow use of all the graphics that are designed for your brand, so the footage and video player sit discreetly waiting to show you off in the most appealing way.

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