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Photoshop CC2018 Curvature Pen Tool

Photoshop CC2018 curvature pen tool

Photoshop CC2018 has just been released and with it comes some new features. One of which is the curvature pen tool. Here is a brief video showing it in use […]

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Camtasia:Mac vs ScreenFlow – Video Screen Capture on a Mac

camtasia vs screenflow

If you need to record your screen, for screencasts or client or video training tutorials, and you are on a Mac, you have a few tools available. There is the […]

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Quick And Easy Ways to Make Complex Shapes in Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

Using Adobe Illustrator, there are a variety of ways to quickly and easily make complicated shapes with various shape building tools. There is the pen, pencil and blob brush, plus […]

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Using The New Gridify Feature in InDesign CS5


Adobe InDesign CS5 introduced a few new tools, one of which makes creating multiple frames on the page an absolute breeze. In fact, creating them, with equal spacing and setting […]

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Skype 5 on Mac OS X

A little while ago I upgraded my Skype app from version 2.8 to the new, spangly version 5 with it’s single user interface window. However, I use screen sharing a […]

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Best Video Setting for YouTube

Having just uploaded a video to YouTube, I got a shock over the quality and the time it took to upload. My original file was a .mov Quicktime movie (YouTube […]

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Output H.264 Video From After Effects

If like me, you have come across error messages when trying to render out H.264 video from your Render Queue in After Effects, there is a solution… Add your composition […]

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