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Sublime Text Plugins and Package Control

sublime text plugins

Sublime Text is a very popular text editor used by coders. It is fast, with multiple cursors and selections, and there are plenty of Sublime Text plugins that can be […]

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Coda 2 – Most Wanted Features

coda 2 - wishlist

For writing and editing my sites, I use Espresso by MacRabbit. However, I keep seeing Coda 2 by Panic popping up and keep struggling to like it enough to switch. […]

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Espresso 2 by MacRabbit

If you design and develop websites and are looking for an excellent, feature-packed editor to speed up your coding, then you won’t go far wrong with Espresso 2 by MacRabbit! […]

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Edit the TextMate Comment Banner Snippet

TextMate is a great text editor and one of the key commands I use a lot is for inserting comment headers or banners. They auto expand to suit whatever text […]

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TextMate Shortcuts

I have recently started using TextMate for editing my code. Having enjoyed using the free and very excellent Komodo Edit for some time, I finally switched to this paid Application […]

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Best Free HTML/PHP/CSS editor for Mac OSX

Up until yesterday, I was using TextWrangler from BBEdit for my website code editing. Now I have discovered Komodo Edit from ActiveState and I am an instant convert. This can […]

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