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Abbreviation Shortcuts in OS X – iOS Style!

Mac OS X Printer Installation Problem

If you use an iPhone or iPad with iOS 5 or later installed, you may have used and developed quite a liking for the abbreviations you can use to save […]

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Add a Hype File to Your WordPress Theme

For anyone wanting to add an animated element to a website, you won’t go far wrong if you use Hype by Tumult. This new tool makes it easy for designers […]

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Vtec Wide-Angle And Macro Lenses For iPhone 4S

iphone camera

I have just purchased the new vtec wide angle and macro lens attachments for my iPhone 4S. Costing just £24.99 (I bought mine from Amazon) I was keen to extend […]

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AirPlay Mirroring in iOS 5


Apple have done it again – made me go “Oh my God!” Yesterday, I used the new AirPlay Mirroring feature on my iPhone 4S for the first time and was […]

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Using The Technaxx In-Built Camera Flash

The battery life on an iPhone is pretty poor – I know this is well-documented and I’m not the first to comment on it. To help with this short-coming, several […]

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Do I Need an iPad?

The new iPad 2 is in town and it is becoming the next must-have item. Apple are so very smart with their marketing, creating both desire and need where there […]

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Written on an iPhone

Slightly divergence from the usual design stuff today – here is a track I wrote and recorded on an iPhone 3GS, using the NanoStudio app. It’s the first piece I’ve […]

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IOS 4.2.1 and Portrait Lock

Here’s a weird one – since updating my iPhone 3GS to the latest version of IOS 4.2.1, I noticed an issue (another one!) this time with the screen orientation.

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IOS 4.2.1 Push Email

Since updating my iPhone to the latest version of IOS 4.2.1, I found that my push email no longer worked. The way round this was to delete the accounts on […]

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Adobe Plan to Scrap iPhone Development

There has been a storm brewing between Apple and Adobe over the Flash platform and the lack of support for it on the Apple mobile devices. The issue is that […]

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