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Sublime Text Plugins and Package Control

sublime text plugins

Sublime Text is a very popular text editor used by coders. It is fast, with multiple cursors and selections, and there are plenty of Sublime Text plugins that can be […]

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Using HTML5 Input Types In Your WordPress Forms

WordPress featured images

If you want to make your WordPress comment forms more user-friendly for mobile users, you might want to consider HTML5 input types.

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Webbsy Review – Instantly Convert PSD To HTML

webbsy PSD to HTML plugin

If you are looking for a fast way of converting your Photoshop PSD files to HTML web pages, you might just want to take a look at Webbsy, a new Photoshop […]

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Live Wedding, Party and Function Band Website Update

Wedding, function and party band

Recently, I was approached by a client who are a live band for weddings, functions, parties and corporate events – Living Large. They needed a new website for several reasons…

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Fading Link Colour With CSS3

css3 flexbox grid alignment

CSS3 arms designers with some great new styling and effects. One of them is transitions and it lets us do something that previously required some jQuery or Javascript.

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Add a Hype File to Your WordPress Theme

For anyone wanting to add an animated element to a website, you won’t go far wrong if you use Hype by Tumult. This new tool makes it easy for designers […]

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