Best Free HTML/PHP/CSS editor for Mac OSX

Up until yesterday, I was using TextWrangler from BBEdit for my website code editing.

Now I have discovered Komodo Edit from ActiveState and I am an instant convert. This can also be used on Linux and Windows too and is the free, cut-down version of Komodo IDE, which is just way beyond my needs.

Firstly, I can’t believe this is free – I was looking at Coda made by Panic who also make the FTP client I use – Transmit. Komodo seems to have pretty much the same feature set plus a whole lot more.

Nice Dock Icon!

Nice Dock Icon!

It is really easy to use and there is a great screencast available showing new users an overview of the application.

There is code hinting and completion, in-app previews, code-collapsing, some very helpful snippets that can be dragged into your files and really good auto-syntax checking and highlighting. Multiple windows can be opened, using Firefox-like tabs.

You can set up project folders which make site-wide searches very powerful and the start screen lists a bunch of your recent files and projects. There is also an FTP access feature which can be helpful and the Preview mode lets you select files to use for testing things like css edits.

A bunch of Languages are built-in, extensions are available through the forum and this is only the free version. Thank you ActiveState!

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