This page outlines the use of cookies on this website as advised by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC).

The Use of Cookies on This Site

New EU legislation means that by law website operators must ask for a website user’s permission before placing cookies on their computer or device. The law requires that the use of certain types of cookie only take place after the user has expressly given their permission for their use (April 2012).

There are two technical types of cookie which are described briefly below:

Persistent Cookies

Persistent cookies are stored on your computer as a small text file and are typically used to keep your preferences for that website. For example, a persistent cookie may be used to store your language preference so that the site is presented in the correct language for future visits.

Session Cookies

Session cookies are used to store information for the duration of your visit to the site. When your visit is finished the cookies are deleted. The Haiz Design website typically uses these cookies for the search and commenting functionality on the site.

We have eliminated the use of almost all persistent cookies in our code (see the table below), relying only on session cookies for essential functionality. Because these cookies are necessary for the functioning of the site and are not persistent, they are classed in the ICC guide as Category 1 Strictly Necessary Cookies and we are not required to ask for your consent.

The ICC’s recommendation is to ‘give users the opportunity to understand these cookies and the reasons they are used’. We trust that this page explains this fully. For more details, please click here to read the ICC Guide.