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I was recently asked about the logo I created for The LunchBox Has Landed and how I came up with the concept and final design. I thought I would add a post giving a bit of background and also a plug to this very good business idea!

The Lunch Box Has Landed logo

The LunchBox Has Landed logo

I was approached by Lester Owencroft, the CEO to produce a logo to promote his online healthy food delivery business. The company name was supposed to suggest the low-key sexual innuendos of the movie The Full Monty and initially I tried to suggest this through the use of the banana!

I started by producing some sketches which I then scanned in to Photoshop, where I ran the Minimum filter with a setting of 1. This thickened up some of the lines and gave me something that was easier to work on. I then imported the scans into Illustrator where I created native Illustrator ai files, along with eps and Flash swf versions. (The site initially used a Flash-based landing page and it made sense to use the vectors for that. For the Flash version, the logotype was extruded in 3D using Swift, where I was able to produce a horizontally-rotating ring which I exported as a swf.)

Early logo drafts

Early logo drafts

As the design stages progressed, I used the NASA reference The Eagle Has Landed, as a further prompt, and this led to the use of an eagle, the orbit rings and circular text. Fruit definitely needed to be worked into the design to promote the healthy aspect, and after trying a couple of oranges, I saw the saying “An apple a day keeps the doctor away” somewhere and decided to use that as the central motif.

The rest of the work was essentially tweaking the design and providing CMYK, RGB and single colour versions for use in a variety of formats. The reason that single colour was also developed, was to have a logo that could possibly be printed on serviettes or other marketing materials, and to allow for inclusion of the logo in newsprint.

So that’s the story behind the design. If you fancy a healthy lunch delivered to your desk, why not try this link:


If you are looking for a logo, symbol or logotype designed for your company, then I will be happy to help.

There is a little bit more information on my main website about the supplied artwork and where or how you can use it, including how to use it in your own desktop software, such as Microsoft Office products such as Word, Publisher, PowerPoint and Excel.

See this page:
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