Hobarts Estate Agents Website Makeover

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Hobarts Estate Agents have just had a website makeover. It has been a couple of years since Hobarts’ last website and web technologies and designs have changed quite a bit since then.

Hobarts Estate Agents approached me saying they wanted their website to be given a new lease of life as the previous site was starting to look a little bit tired. It was working well for them but it really needed a revamp, and simplifying, without losing functionality.

Hobarts 2009 website

Hobarts 2009 website

Hobarts 2011 website

Hobarts 2011 website

As the site was working well, the first thing was to make it more accessible, so the content was available to users of mobile devices (including iPhones/iPads) too. This was not designed as a web application, but rather, intended for desktops but still navigable and accessible on these devices. There has been a shift away from the use of Flash in my work over the last few months, towards the use of jQuery and HTML5/CSS3. I use CSS3PIE wherever possible for Internet Explorer browsers, for things like the rounded corners and shadows. There is also use of some of the new HTML5 mark-up, such as placeholder text on forms, along with a bit of jQuery for the showing/hiding of elements. I have also used it to control styling on the property feed which comes from a third-party.

The client is happy with the site and so am I. Feedback and thoughts are welcome!

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