photo retouching services

Photo Retouching and Manipulation Services

Photo retouching and manipulation is used to transform product shots into something more visually-appealing or simply to put your brand into a context that makes it stand out.

Many web and graphic design-based jobs may involve the need to change or create specific images that will be used. Both manipulation and retouching services are available as part of design work or as standalone services. Please contact Haiz Design if you have any questions regarding these services or to get a quote.

Retouching is generally used to ‘enhance’ images and many smart phones and desktop software now has features that include:

  • Skin smoothing & blemish removal
  • Improvement of tonal information such as contrast & shadows
  • Colour correction
  • Red-eye removal
  • Sharpening or blurring

Manipulation is more of a high-end solution and may involve one or several processes:

  • Items can be removed from backgrounds
  • Colours and lighting can be altered
  • Details can be changed
  • Distractions can be removed
  • Various elements can be used to make new images

Below are some examples of the photo retouching services

photo retouching services photo manipulation photo retouching of a logo photo retouching and manipulation services retouched model photo manipulation

If you have images that you want to use in your work and you need them to really ‘pop’ to sell your goods or services, get a quote for having them retouched or manipulated.