Animated motion graphic design adds sparkle to your video

When you have a great video clip you want to show your clients or customers, make it look more professional by getting some animated graphics or titles added.

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More examples in the portfolio here.

When you want to market your goods or services and have a corporate video or promotional clips that you want to show, either on a DVD or online via your website, you might need some titles to let people know what is going on or who is speaking. If you need a little more than a traditional ‘lower third’ title bar, perhaps a spinning or animated logo or some other visual element added that is not in the original footage, you probably need to get some motion graphics.

Motion graphics, unlike still graphics, are ones that move or change over time and are often combined with video footage to create more compelling visual material. Think of Flash for video.

Haiz Design creates motion graphics for clients that can be used in promo DVDs and online video. From video menu systems to animated 3D logos and titles there are plenty of ways we can help spice up your video. If you are looking to get a web video put together or a product or training DVD, we can help.

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If you are looking for HTML/CSS animations for websites, see this page.