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iPhone And Smart Phone-Friendly Websites

Mobile-based browsing has grown significantly in the last two years, and as of July 2013 it accounted for almost 20% of all Internet traffic. Estimations are that it will overtake traditional desktop browsing completely within three years.*

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What The Mobile Web Means For Smartphones And Tablets

With smartphone screens getting bigger and tablet devices offering stunning visuals, these mobile browsers seek to replicate the desktop experience. That means your website may be reduced in size so it fits on your iPhone or Android-based device screen. Navigating your site may involve a bit of zooming in and out to get at the content your visitors want, unless your site has been optimised for mobile. (You can check your site using the link in the resources below.)

You Have 3 Options

Option 1: Do nothing. Not the worst choice – If you have not used Flash animations on your website, people can still see all of your content.

Option 2: Get a dedicated mobile site built. This usually involves deciding which content you want to provide and a cut-down version of your site is redirected to on smartphones.

Option 3: Make your website ‘responsive’. (This is my favourite method). A responsive website does not hide any of your content on mobile devices, it responds to the screen size and the layout adapts accordingly.

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desktop website viewed on a mobile deviceDesktop: This is an example of the desktop version of When viewed on an iPhone, zooming in and out to get at the content is not so easy…

The navigation is intended for use on a desktop system and uses hover actions to reveal menu items. Text is not set at an optimal size for mobile browsing and tapping on page links requires a high-degree of accuracy!

dedicated mobile website viewed on a mobile deviceMobile: A dedicated mobile version of the site. You can choose what content you want people to access on the move or, you can reformat the content to make it mobile-friendly.

Mobile and Responsive Web Design

This is the difference between having a dedicated mobile website built and using the responsive web design approach. The best option for you will ultimately depend on your intended purpose for your website visitors or users.

So What Does It Cost?

Prices start from just £150.
This would still give you the ability to select what content was available, hiding pages from the navigation rather than leaving them out. It would offer a smartphone version of the site and would be based on a personalised, branded template.

A responsive website, that has a layout adapting to common devices and browsers would still look and feel like your website, no matter where it was viewed. Navigation would made mobile-friendly, even if you have drop-down menu items. Responsive web design starts at £400.

If you would prefer a dedicated mobile website, prices start at £600.

Whatever your business needs, Haiz Design can help.

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Read how mobile browser usage jumped 26% in 3 months here: Computerworld News.

Useful information and infographics here: Mobile Marketing Statistics 2013.

Check to see what your website looks like on a mobile device using this mobile phone emulator.