MAMP MySQL Not Starting – Quick Fix Solution

The MAMP MySQL servers can be a tricky thing…

I use a mixture of Local by Flywheel and MAMP for my local development work. Sometimes, I have issues when launching MAMP with the MySQL servers not starting. The spinner goes round and round until I get a note offering me the log files to check. Getting the MAMP MySQL servers to play nicely again is actually not so difficult.

This is a very quick tip, that was published a long time ago (March 2006) here: I am reproducing it purely to make it easier for me to find!

  1. Quit MAMP
  2. Open the Terminal and type: killall -9 mysqld
  3. Restart MAMP

If you are not able to type the command into Terminal, try adding sudo before this.

For more MAMP tips, see this page: MAMP archive. If you are new to MAMP and want to get WordPress installed on your Mac, I have a quick MAMP video walkthrough here.

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