How to upgrade phpMyAdmin in MAMP / MAMP PRO on OS X 10.8


Recently, I needed to upgrade phpMyAdmin on my installation of MAMP. The instructions on the MAMP blog (see the post here) didn’t seem to cover my system set-up in OS X 10.8.5 so here is what I did to upgrade.

After downloading the latest stable version of phpMyAdmin from here, I stopped MAMP and got ready to follow the instructions to upgrade.

The instructions over at the MAMP blog make reference to a file and location that I couldn’t find on OS X 10.8.5. This is mentioned in step 3. The place I was looking for was here:

phpMyAdmin path in OS X 10.8.5



My path was Macintosh HD > Applications > MAMP > bin > phpMyAdmin >

With MAMP stopped, I copied over my file to the newly-downloaded directory then renamed my phpMyAdmin directory to phpMyAdmin-OLD. I renamed the new directory (still on my desktop) to phpMyAdmin and copied this over to my MAMP directory, restarted MAMP and everything seems to be fine.

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  1. Solange

    Thanks for that, old post but exactly what I needed to upgrade phpmyadmin on os 10.5.8. Cheers

    • Stuart

      Glad it is still helpful ­čśë

  2. An Internetter

    This was helpful – thanks! Saved me a bit of head-scratching time.

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