Convert Comma Separated List of Email Addresses For MailChimp

If you want to import a comma separated list of email addresses into MailChimp, there is an easy way to prepare them, using a simple find and replace.

mailchimp email listsMailChimp is a great service for people wanting to send out news or promotional information to their clients or subscribers. They offer various packages, including a very generous free package and you can find out more over at the MailChimp website. Before you head over thee though, you might want to just stop and think about you are going to send your emails to.  MailChimp offer a variety of ways to import lists of opted-in subscribers or contacts. These include uploading CSV or tab delimited text files, copying and pasting from Excel other direct import methods. You can find out more on a helpful MailChimp knowledgebase article (link below).

But, what if you happen to have a list of email contacts that you have amassed over time and entered into a text editor separating them with commas? Your formatting may not suit that which MailChimp requires so you need to prepare your list in order to important. Converting a comma separated list of several dozen or hundred email addresses does not have to be a chore, and using a basic word processor Find and Replace function makes life easy. I’m going to show you how, using TextEdit on a Mac, but the same will apply if you prefer to use Word or something else.

1.  Here is a basic (very short!) list of addresses which we have created: email addresses as comma separated list

The list might have been copied and pasted over from another application, but either way, MailChimp wouldn’t like it. It might look like it is a comma separated list, but it has not been generated or output from a spreadsheet app as a CSV (comma separated value) file so we need to convert it.

2.  In TextEdit, you would go to Edit > Find > Find and Replace… (Your editor will have the function in a similar place.) Put a comma and a space in the first box:
find and replace in textedit

3.  At the end of your list you need to manually click and press the Return key on your keyboard. Double-click on this empty line and copy that. It might not be obvious that you have copied anything, but paste that into the second box (marked Replace):
paste empty line into find and replace

4.  Click on the button that says All:
replace all in textedit

That’s it. You now get a list of addresses ready to import into MailChimp:
comma separated list of email addresses

Now you can head on over to MailChimp, create a list to send your campaign to and start importing your subscribers to that list. Here is a link to the knowledgebase article I mentioned that includes a video showing you how to do this:


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