Software Currently Unavailable Problem When Installing Printer on OS X

I recently had to install an old printer on a Macbook. I didn’t have the discs so downloaded the software from the Epson website and installed the drivers. However, I ran into a problem installing the printer with a software currently unavailable message…

I tried opening the System Preferences and going to the Printers & Scanners section, then clicking the little + button to add my printer. I then got this error message:

printer software currently unavailable

After a couple of attempts to reinstall the driver I had downloaded, I finally went in search on the Apple Forums where I found the solution!

You need to right(ctrl)-click on the Printer pane on the left and you’ll get the option to reset your printers.

reset printing system

After doing this, I was able to continue to add my printer and get everything working properly. You will have to add any other printers that you used, but that should be easy.

The original forum post can be found here.

other page

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