Safari 4 on OS X 10.5.7

Another quirk here for me at least – after updating the new version of Safari to 4.0.1, my wireless connection on my iMac disappeared. It couldn’t find ANY networks to connect to which was just plain odd.

Thank you Time Machine once more – a quick Restore from Time Machine Backup saved the day.

I put the Boot DVD in, restarted and held the C key until the Apple logo appeared. After choosing my language, I went to the Utilities menu and right at the bottom was the Time Machine option.

All back to normal. Strangest thing is that a reinstall of the Safari update was OK this time.

Oh – a quick tip with the Apple software updates; I’ve found that it is best NOT to use the Software Updater to install System updates. The best way is to download the Combo update direct from the Apple site and install from the dmg.

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  1. Khim

    i like the design of Safari 4 but i think it uses more resources compared to Opera.

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