iCal Dock Icon in Snow Leopard

After some time enjoying the use of Snapz Pro X, I have come to the end of the road with it. Sadly, after extensive testing, I have found that for some reason, best known to those more technical than I, it seems to mess up my iCal Dock icon under Snow Leopard. The date was showing incorrectly until the app was opened, but it reverted to the wrong date when closing iCal.

I have done a lot of testing to isolate this app as the issue on my system, as I am aware that plenty of other Mac users have experienced similar issues when they are NOT using Snapz.

I started a thread over on the Apple forum if anyone has similar issues with the Dock icon and wants to go through the steps I took to isolate the problem I was having – http://discussions.apple.com/thread.jspa?threadID=2622249&tstart=45. Thanks macjack for your help here!

Basically, you need to remove your login items from your account (System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items) and trash some iCal files and the folder:

/Users/yourname/Library/Preferences/com.apple.iCal.plist, com.apple.iCal.helper.plist, com.apple.iCal.AlarmScheduler, and com.apple.iCal.alarmsCache


If this doesn’t work, go to Macintosh HD > Library > Contextual Menu Items and move the contents to your Desktop. Restart your Mac and hopefully, your Dock icon should be good as new, showing the current date, even after you put your Mac to sleep and wake it the next morning. Gradually, allowing a couple of days between, add login items back followed by your Contextual Menu Items. This way you should be able to identify the culprit.

I understand from Ambrosia Software who make Snapz, that they have no plans on continuing active development on their app. I have now happily gone over to using OS X native Grab app and Quicktime X instead. Read more about them here: http://www.haizdesign.com/blog/screen-capture-on-osx

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