Logo and brand design are two services that can breathe life into your business. A new logo or new business branding can tell your customers a lot about your company, and lets people know how you want to be seen. When you look at the established companies, you can get an immediate sense of what they are about, just from the colours, elements and typography they use. This is the essence of logo and brand design – sending out a message through the use of visual cues.

(There is an example of a complete rebranding at the bottom of this page.)

colour wheelColours play an important part, and there is a lot of information available on the Psychology of Colours. Typography (the use of fonts and the way the letters work together) is of great importance too. For example, a bank using a cartoon-style font for their type would be just wrong. Where would be the indicators of trust and reliability? The logo might be a symbol or logotype, using a font that has been crafted in some way and again, the messages that are sent out are conveyed by the logo itself.

Professional Logo And Brand Design

Working with me means you get the benefit of my professional experience and ability to give you sound advice during the creative process. Branding your business is something I love doing and once I know about what you do and want to say, I can help.

When having a logo designed you need to consider several things:

  • Is your logo possibly going to appear in print?
  • Will it need to be reproduced in both a single colour and full colour?
  • Will it ever need to be given to a printer for use in any marketing materials?
  • Do you intend it to be used for several different purposes & perhaps at different sizes?

In almost all cases, you probably answered ‘yes’ to one of the above. Whilst may people can produce their own logos using a computer & some graphics software at home, having a professionally created logo can have a huge impact on the perceived integrity of your business.

Why should your logo be professionally created?

Here’s why…

vector graphics v bitmapped images

The top image was made using a vector graphics program. This produces graphics & logos that can be scaled without loss of quality or clarity. The logos created in this way can be used as the source for all manner of things, including your own graphics to include in Word documents, Powerpoint presentations etc.

The second image is an example of the kind of image produced by ‘logo creation software’ & was saved as a standard graphic image – a bitmap image such as a .jpg or .gif graphic. This would be fine if it was never intended to be enlarged as much as this, but you can see the effect of zooming in on those pixels that make up the image data. The bitmap image is made up of a fixed set of dots, the vector image on the other hand is composed of a fixed set of shapes. In the image above, scaling the bitmap reveals the dots and scaling the vector image preserves the shapes.

Here are some examples of logos created by Haiz Design

colour division logostreetz ahead logopavilion sports and cafe logoBEAM photography logohttps://haizdesign.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/mim-logo600.gifthe lunchbox has landed logorainbow glass studios logoeyi logobags of style logoigr logothe talent scout logooracle accounting solutionsmipa global associates


file formatsLogos can be designed and supplied to cover all your needs, and with a Haiz Design logo you can be sure that your business identity will always remain clear and identifiable.

Whether you are looking for a logo to use in your own Microsoft Office documents and presentations, or for use in professionally produced marketing or company materials, you can be sure to have all the right file formats for the job.

Final file formats supplied include:

  • EPS & AI files – scalable graphics for distribution to printers & designers. These are editable files & colours can be changed to suit the need. They can also be supplied as black & white greyscale (with shades of grey) or black-only. (Please bear in mind that both black & greyscale logos need to be created separately from colour versions so additional costs will be involved.)
  • GIF – suitable for use on websites & in your Office software. NOT so good if you ever want to resize your logo though!
  • JPG – this format is not usually the best for logos as text can become blurry or dirty-looking around the edges. However, it is particularly good for logos with large type & areas of colour that contains many shades or tones such as gradients or photographs.
  • PNG – can contain transparent areas & is suitable for use in many Office programs, including Microsoft Publisher.
  • PDF – vector files can be saved & supplied in this compact format. Will be accepted by most printers & designers.

If you have a logo of your own that you have a sketch of, please enquire about having this converted to a suitable vector format.

Rebranding Colour Division

Colour Division enjoyed great success as a print and copy shop, based in West Hampstead, London. They wanted to grow the business and I worked with them to introduced new and modern services, such as web design, higher-end graphics and retouching, plus of course, brand design.

The budget was very limited and I wasn’t able to replace windows or put in a new fascia, but I did create a new shop front and house style.

Colour Division before and after

Colour Division before and after

Starting with colour scheme, a strong deep blue/orange theme was established, followed by the selection of clean, modern fonts. Combinations of Myriad Pro and Museo Sans Condensed were used, and a custom font was produced for the new logo. The logo comprised of a composite logotype, along with a standalone symbol. The symbol was used for watermarks on new stationery amongst other things.

The website got an overhaul too. The old site was built using Flash and the new one was designed to be responsive, with WordPress as the CMS to make editing easier.

colour division's old website

Colour Division’s old website

The new Colour Division website

The new Colour Division website

Feedback from the MD, staff and customers was extremely positive.

They are still there in West Hampstead so why not give them a call on 020 7794 7858.