Free Adobe Illustrator Splash Screen

If you want to customise your Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 splash screen, you just need to replace a couple of files.

I’m a Mac user and to change these files, I navigated to Applications > Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 and right-clicked on the main app icon. From there I clicked Show Package Contents > Contents > Resources and pasted in my two files. I replaced the originals, that’s up to you.

Here is my new splash screen:

custom Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 splash screen

Here is a zip (1.6MB) containing my new Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 splash screen at 2 sizes if you want to use this graphic yourself.


Incidentally, I used the Blanch Condensed Light font for the CC2015 and Bonjour font for Illustrator.

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