Send out picture (HTML) newsletters to build your brand

When you send out emails to your customers you have a great marketing opportunity, and a chance to build trust in your brand. There may be several reasons to send an email to your customers including:

  • To promote your latest goods or services.
  • Monthly newsletters.
  • To provide information and cut down on printed materials.
  • As a confirmation or receipt.

HTML email makes use of styling and images to present graphically-rich marketing messages, straight to your customer’s inbox.

Email Marketing Newsletters

Mailchimp newslettersIf you have a web-based business and want to use the power and cost-savings associated with sending out information via email, you might as well do it in style!

It is true that Microsoft Outlook let’s you create stationery to make your emails more visually appealing. However, using Outlook has plenty of limitations and may not be up to meeting your needs in many cases. For a start, if you want to send out an email to more than 20 people, you might well find that this is above the allowable limit for most Internet Service Providers. If you have 300+ people on your mailing list, you are going to have to send this email out plenty of times to small numbers of people.

html picture emailsHTML (or rich-text as they are known) emails make your message look more credible and your brand look a lot more professional. Your company logo, along with the addition of some tasteful graphics can do wonders to an otherwise fairly plain email. That said, the reliable, plain text email should not be ignored. When building your custom emails and templates, Haiz Design creates emails that work even when the email program accepts only a plain text version.

There are several options to use when sending out your email marketing campaign or newsletter to many people.

Amongst the more popular services on offer are:

All of these companies offer free accounts and let you send out emails to plenty of people (often up to 3000 per month) before they start asking you to pay for their services.

Don’t just send out your emails and hope for someone to respond, track them and find out who is opening them!

If you are sending out an email newsletter or marketing campaign, these services let you track your emails, so you can see how successful they are – who is opening them and what links are they clicking on?

Haiz Design can build templates for you to use with these services, to ensure that the message you send out carries your brand.

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