Using Favicons in Transmit 4

Panic have recently released an update to their excellent Mac FTP client Transmit. The new version 4, has many changes and new features, one of which is the ability to set favicons or other images in your list of favourites, to help you visually identify sites quickly. (Great for web designers!)

To use this, select your site in the list of favourites.

Select Site

Select Site

Either ctrl or right-click on it, or click the Edit icon at the bottom of the list.


Edit Favourite

Finally, use the drop-menu next to the globe icon to reveal a set of icons to pick from. Select the option to use the favicon on the server or pick an image that you want to use. Save and that’s it.

Select Icon

Select Your Icon

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  1. kristinp

    The old version of Transmit (v3) automatically ‘picked’ up the favicons if present when you connected to the server. It seems like v4 you have to set them all manually. Wish there were a setting to allow them to be pulled from the server if they exist.

    • Stuart

      There is an option in Transmit 4 to Use Server Favicon, but you are right – you have to do this on a site by site basis and tell Transmit to do it. Also, the file name must be favicon.ico for it to work.

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