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A little while ago I upgraded my Skype app from version 2.8 to the new, spangly version 5 with it’s single user interface window. However, I use screen sharing a lot, particularly when helping clients with getting to grips with administering websites and the new version of Skype has been less than friendly, so I have just downgraded…

*UPDATE August 2011

I was unable to use screen sharing with Skype 2.8 after updating my OS X to Lion. The latest Skype update has fixed this issue and I’ve shared my screen without the previous problems commented on below.

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If you want to go back to an earlier version of Skype (this is for Windows users too),

  1. Download previous Skype: Go to and download the older version of Skype (2.8) Here’s the link for the Mac version: . The Windows version can be found on the same site.
  2. Delete Skype 5 (optional): It’s probably a good idea to delete Skype 5. Both you and your computer might get confused with two versions of Skype installed. To delete Skype 5 on Mac, just look for the Skype icon in your Applications folder (MacintoshHD > Applications) and drag it into the Trash. On a PC, click on your Start menu, then select Remove Programs from the Control Panel.
  3. Install previous Skype: Open the file you downloaded from and install previous Skype.

You’ll maybe have to re-enter your skypename and password – maybe not. I use something called AppCleaner when I remove/trash apps because it also clears out any System files created while you use it. This means I had to put my account details back in.

At least you should be able to get back to screen sharing and being able to enjoy skyping again!


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