Orange Broadband – Serving Up Slowly

This post is a rant…

Just cancelled my Orange HomeMax broadband package, which was supposed to be 8MB. I was only getting an average speed of 3.5MB (I can hear you all laughing as you read this…) so got a second phone line and Virgin 10MB broadband. In a head to head test on the networks, the pictures below speak for themselves.

Orange Broadband Speed Test

Orange Broadband Speed Test

Virgin Broadband Speed Test

Virgin (Telewest) Broadband Speed Test

In a direct test, Virgin are more than twice the speed compared to Orange, and since having the 10MB broadband from Virgin I have never seen my speed drop below 9.5MB.

Orange overlooked that they were charging for a service that they didn’t deliver and insisted on me paying £49 for terminating the contract before the end of term.

At least Dick Turpin wore a mask.

Incidentally, if you want to leave Orange, I was told that the accepted conditions where the early termination fee would not apply were this; you have to phone them twice a week for 30 days! Yup – at least 8 times a month before they accept there might be a valid issue. Good luck to anyone in a similar situation as me.

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