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One of my interests is in making music. The kind of stuff I make meant I was very keen on the Native Instruments Absynth software synth for sound design.

I managed to buy second-hand from an eBay user who had de-registered the software. This should have made it a really quick process to allow me to become the new registered owner.

Well I bought the licences for Absynth  – and now I’m waiting on NI to email me with acknowledgement of transfer….

Native Instruments – your registration support is painfully slow. The thing that really sucks is that I have legitimately purchased a product and I’ve been waiting 2 days for you to provide the support that goes with paying for goods. I am not condoning piracy but I’m sure that if I had downloaded a torrent I would have been up and running straight away. This apathy is putting me off buying any more products from you – great though they are. It only takes a moment to fire off an email and given the number of units you sell, you must surely have more than one guy working in the registration department…

It is unacceptable that you do not respond to your customers in a timely fashion. Without customers who are prepared to pay for your goods, you have no business, so start showing us some of the stereotypical German efficiency please!



It took 3 separate emails and 5 days to get my registration ‘issue’ resolved. Absynth really is a fantastic soft synth but I’m not going to bother with Native Instruments anymore…

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