Derren Brown Lottery Prediction

OK – like a lot of other people, I am not buying Derren Brown’s apparent explanation of how he predicted the lottery.
My view is that he used a split screen and a jitter or shake effect to simulate camera movement. This is really easy to do in After Effects. There is a video where DB introduces The Events show. He is sitting in front of a red screen (the inverse of green and he does like his inverse themes for this show). The screen has a completely unnecessary split in it just behind his right shoulder. On the Ch 4 trailer for the show as he talked he juggled with his right hand. This too involved a split screen; it would be pretty impressive if DB’s dexterity extended to him juggling without looking.
There are several videos on YouTube worth watching and several posts on forums about the ‘give-away’ ball movement.
I do like DB’s work but in this case I think he has become as cheap as Criss Angel. When he first aired on UK tv he claimed that everything happened live and there was no camera trickery. So why resort to it now?

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