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Websites exist to serve one of a several purposes; to sell goods or services is usually quite a popular reason!

If you have a business that has goods or services for sale, physical or digital, you will need a way to sell them through your website with an online store. We offer several options, with the sole purpose of finding the best solution for the best price to suit you.

You can have either something relatively simple such as instant payment buttons, or something that involves a full-blown e-commerce shop that processes sales, calculates shipping, sends out receipts and tracks the orders. Then there are the in-between options with smaller shopping cart set-ups that use third-party payment gateways such as PayPal and Sage to handle the payments for your store, securely, on their own servers.

ecommerce optionsThere are several popular payment gateways available to use online, including the major credit cards such as Visa and Mastercard. These can be integrated with your site and can be processed either on your own server or through the third-party. There are also several popular e-commerce platforms available to use, including Magento and osCommerce, plus WordPress can now also run online stores.

An example of a WordPress-powered eCommerce website can be found here.

eCommerce Websites Designed to suit you

ECommerce website design considers the best method for you to sell your goods or services online. What type of ecommerce option you need will be largely dependent on the size and nature of your business.

Magento ecommerce websiteSome of the free (open source) Content Management Systems for e-commerce such as Magento, offer extremely powerful options for setting up and running your online business. If you have a large product range or catalogue then this might be amongst the options worth considering. If you have a relatively small selection of goods, it is likely that this will be way beyond your needs – a bit like getting a huge tank to go to the corner store in.

We will be delighted to offer suggestions to help you choose what will be best for you.

PayPal web storeAll the e-commerce websites built by Haiz Design vary; some of them will use the full CMS approach, others may have a smaller number of items for sale, with no database involved and utilise PayPal or other payment gateways.

In other cases, a custom-built database may be needed for your e-commerce solution, such as in the case of an online booking or ordering system. You might want to offer your customers the ability to register, so their order history is logged for easy recall later.
Digital downloads can be provided too, so you can sell goods such as videos, music or e-books or other non-physical goods.

Whatever your business, we can help.

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