Windows Browser Choice

After having dominated the web browser market for several years, Microsoft have finally been forced to offer their customers a choice.

A European Commission Decision has made Microsoft now offer users of the Windows operating system the ability to choose which browser they want to use. This choice will be available to anyone buying a new build of a Windows 7 PC after February 19 2010, and anyone who downloads a new Windows update.

Web Browser Choice Screen

Browser Choice Screen

The panel above opens when you (re)start your system and clicking the OK link gives you a choice of the top 5 browsers:

Browser Choice

Browser Options

Finally, there is the possibility that more people will choose a web browser that respects their right to privacy, isn’t riddled with security flaws and displays web pages as intended…

Hopefully, this is a time for change and some of the new css 3 standards can be enjoyed by considerably more people, making the web a bit more exciting again.

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