Remove the Dotted Border Around Links

Working with some tabbed panels today in Dreamweaver but didn’t like the dotted selection borders appearing as I clicked the links…

Solution is a bit of css:

outline: none;

other page


  1. Heather

    Wanted to thank you for this… so simple, and yet so annoying without it!

  2. de02239

    instead of:
    a {outline:none;}

    (which doenst work on firefox 3.5.8 for mac)

    this does work:
    //this is from the spry code auto generated by DW.//

    .TabbedPanelsTab { <– this is from the spry css code auto generated//
    outline:none; <– your suggestion

    • Designermagic

      Thanks Damon
      I’m using FF 3.5.8 on OSX (due to the lack of working DW preview in browser) and
      a {outline:none;}
      works for me… On my own site I have a tabbed panel on my Web Design page. I changed the behavior to mouseover rather than click, but even if I click them I get no border.

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