Fixing WordPress Text Widget h2 tag

This has created a little work – targeting the h2 tag on the WordPress Text Widget. After installing the wp-poll widget I needed to move my vote bars/content to the left a few pixels. This shifted the content for the text widget div.

To fix it, I needed to add a css rule to my styles.css file:

#sidebar #text-410940302 h2 {
color: #99CC00;
margin: -5px -10px 0 -10px;

This also let me add a different colour for the title.

I’m still trying to fix the height of the pollbars.

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  1. Jessicahaf

    I will leave a reply as soon as I try it Thank you

  2. ArianaCeal

    beautiiful blog merciiiiii

    • admin

      Thanks Ariana
      Hope it helped!

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