Paste text with formatting in Dreamweaver on OSX

There is a feature on Dreamweaver called Paste special… This is meant to let you paste text between a word processor (such as Word) and Dreamweaver, whilst keeping all the formatting such as bold, italics etc.

Currently, this does not work on OSX.

Adobe do not have a solution but have suggested a couple of long-winded workarounds:

  • save the file as HTML from textedit, open the html file in DW then copy and paste.
  • copy and paste the text from TextEdit into MS word, then copy and paste special into DW.

Hopefully, it will be fixed in a CS4 upgrade rather than Adobe waiting until they release CS5. I say “hopefully”…

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  1. Gorgonzo Bras

    I also found this today and could not believe that it is true – I checked the system and did several inspections but it is really like you say – it is not possible to copy-n-paste into dreamweaver or into contribute from word or from openoffice. plain, simple SUCKAGE!!! We should write this everywhere on the net so Adobe will die in shame.

    • Designermagic

      In spite of being made aware of it, and having it posted on their user forums, Adobe have not fixed this. Who knows, they might get around to it one day, and then tell us it’s a new feature worth paying to upgrade for…

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