Paragraph Spacing in Contribute

When using Adobe Contribute, using the Return key creates the look of a line-break, (or soft-return as it is also known) with the text appearing on the line immediately below your current paragraph. If you would rather have a space between paragraphs, this needs to be set up by you or the site administrator.

Just so we are clear on what I’m talking about
this is where a line break has been used.

The line has been ‘cut’ after the word ‘about’ so the sentence continues on the next line. Paragraphs, often have some space between each other, or the first line of new paragraphs is indented. This is to make it easier on the eye when following blocks of text, and to provide visual cues where paragraphs begin and end.

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You can set yourself up as administrator (if one is not already in place) by using the Contribute >  My Connections panel. (On a PC this is under the Edit menu.) Select your connection and click the Administer… button.

My Connections Administer... button

My Connections Administer... button

Contribute will then connect to your site and offer you the chance to select the editing style. Pick Dreamweaver-style editing and confirm that you want to become the site administrator.

Select Dreamweaver-style editing

Select Dreamweaver-style editing

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