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Animating Cameras And Using 3D in Apple Motion

Animating Cameras in Apple Motion

Moving from 2 dimensions into 3 can be daunting for people new to 3D space. This video shows how to work with cameras in 3D using Apple Motion 4.

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Retiming Video in Motion

Changing the duration of a clip in Apple’s Motion is really easy: Select your clip in either the Project Pane (F5) or the Timing Pane (F6) then go to the […]

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Smoother Animations in Motion

When creating animations using Apple Motion or Adobe After Effects or even Flash, you need to use keyframes. These are the key frames where changes to an object are set, […]

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3D Photoshop Layers in Motion

When you bring a Photoshop file into Motion and add a 3D camera, you will probably want to move your layers back in 3D space. If you drag on the […]

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Change The Speed of a Clip Not it’s Duration

In Final Cut, there may be times when you want to change the speed of a clip, but not it’s overall duration in the Timeline. To do this, put your […]

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