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BT Hacking Scam – Are You Near Your Computer?

BT hacking scam

This week, I have had 3 phone calls regarding what I am referring to as the BT Hacking Scam. This is probably very similar to the Microsoft Windows Log Error […]

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Add Links, Captions And Subscribe Buttons To YouTube Videos

add links and buttons to youtube video

You may have seen videos on YouTube with buttons and wondered if you need extra software for this. Adding links, captions and subscribe buttons to your YouTube videos can be […]

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Windows Error Log Phone Call Scam

No to Windows

The other day I got an interesting phone call from ‘Microsoft Support’. Actually, this was a scam or fake Microsoft call and it seems like a few people I know […]

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How To Add Featured Image Support To A WordPress Theme

WordPress featured images

If you look beside this post, you will see an icon or image of the WordPress badge. This was added to the post so it displays as a ‘Featured Image’ […]

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London And UK Riots 2011 – My Opinion

Living in London, UK, and very close to the scene of the start of the riots, I have been very aware of the events unfolding around us recently, so I […]

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Skype 5 on Mac OS X

A little while ago I upgraded my Skype app from version 2.8 to the new, spangly version 5 with it’s single user interface window. However, I use screen sharing a […]

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How To Cancel Automatic PayPal Payments or Subscriptions

Paypal offers a recurring payments system for sellers or merchants. This allows the seller to set up an automatic, recurring payment or subscription which renews payments once they reach their […]

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Native Instruments Product Registration

One of my interests is in making music. The kind of stuff I make meant I was very keen on the Native Instruments Absynth software synth for sound design. I […]

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Orange Broadband – Serving Up Slowly

This post is a rant… Just cancelled my Orange HomeMax broadband package, which was supposed to be 8MB. I was only getting an average speed of 3.5MB (I can hear […]

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The Pattern Behind Self-Deception

Here’s an interesting video from on how and why we are wired to see ‘things’ in the world around us.

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