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Adobe Acrobat Content Preparation Progress

adobe acrobat dc pro

How annoying is that Acrobat Content Preparation Progress message? It pops up when you open a new document. You then have to wait while it reads and prepares your file. […]

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Convert a Word Doc to PDF

Microsoft Word was never intended for creating artwork for print, but many people have no other DTP (desktop publishing) option and need to save a Word .docx file in PDF […]

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How Adobe Creative Cloud Affects Me

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe have just announced that they will no longer be selling boxed versions of their Creative Suite products. They will be replacing them with a subscription-only service and that seems […]

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Solution To The Issue Viewing PDF Files in Firefox

If you use Mozilla Firefox as your main browser, you may have discovered an issue when trying to view PDF files.

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Enable Commenting in Adobe Acrobat X

If you work with clients who provide feedback on the PDFs you send over, you may want to ensure that they are able to comment directly on the file itself. […]

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Upgrade Addiction

So, Adobe released another iteration of the Creative Suite, CS5 a few months ago now and so far I have resisted the urge to upgrade. As a designer, I am […]

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Copying Text in Acrobat Pro

Copying text from a pdf is simple enough using the Select tool. However, if you want to copy several lines of text and paste it into another document, you might […]

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Distorting Shapes With Free Transform in Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

There are plenty of ways to distort shapes in Adobe Illustrator. One of the tools I use quite often is the Free Transform tool. This is pretty intuitive to use […]

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Edit Links in Contribute

Here’s a quick and easy tip on how to edit existing links in Adobe Contribute. First, navigate to your page and enter page edit mode. (Click the Edit button on […]

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Output H.264 Video From After Effects

If like me, you have come across error messages when trying to render out H.264 video from your Render Queue in After Effects, there is a solution… Add your composition […]

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