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When using the ScreenFlow app recently, I came across an issue with black bars appearing at the side of content. This happened when trying to apply a transition – any transition. What I was seeing was a black box on the left side just as the transition started, and it took a support ticket to Telestream to find the simple solution.

It turns out this might be a discrepancy between the Document (resolution) and the canvas (resolution).

Fixing the black bar issue in ScreenFlow

To fix the problem with black bars appearing at the sides or top of content in ScreenFlow, follow these steps:

  1. Select the “canvas crop” button, left hand side between timeline and canvas. Make a note of the resolution and click “x” to leave the function.
  2. From the Menu Bar select File > Document Settings. Match the resolution of the document to the canvas here.
  3. This may offset elements of your project as they pertain to the actual canvas, so you may need to make adjustments and move things back in to place.
  4. Now add the transition again and hopefully, it plays back correctly.
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