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Stuart Haiz is a WordPress web designer and front-end developer. He has many years of experience working across a range of digital media, from graphic design, to retouching, to video and web design. He also teaches Adobe Creative Suite software and provides brand consultancy services.


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New Website for STEPS Centre Institute of Development Studies

in Portfolio No Comments

I don’t add portfolio websites as often as I perhaps should. But here’s a site I’m particularly pleased with – the new website for the Institute of Development Studies at […]

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Change Order of Past Events in The Events Calendar Plugin

in WordPress No Comments

The Events Calendar is a great calendar plugin for WordPress. It comes in both free and Pro versions and is very flexible. However, by default the events are displayed in […]

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Show Featured Image in Your WordPress Admin Dashboard

in WordPress 2 Comments

When you are working with a WordPress theme that relies heavily on the use of a featured image, it is helpful having a visual guide showing where you have used […]

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Install WordPress on a Mac with MAMP – Video

in WordPress No Comments

If you want to install WordPress on a Mac, or a PC, for local testing and development, you can do it for free, using MAMP. I recently uploaded a screencast to […]

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Adobe Acrobat Content Preparation Progress

in Adobe No Comments

How annoying is that Acrobat Content Preparation Progress message? It pops up when you open a new document. You then have to wait while it reads and prepares your file. […]

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Updating MAMP Pro 4 on Local Development Server

in MAMP No Comments

MAMP Pro recently released version 4. It has not been without issues – more on that later, but here is how to go about updating MAMP Pro. The steps for […]

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Adobe XD – Sketch-Killer? XD and Sketch App Comparison

in Software No Comments

Sketch by Bohemian Coding is an app that I have been using quite a lot for a while now. For my workflow, it has completely replaced Photoshop for designing and […]

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Using WordPress Categories and Tags

in WordPress No Comments

Many people seem to be confused about using WordPress categories and tags. Knowing what they are and the differences between them is one thing. Knowing how or when to use […]

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BT Hacking Scam – Are You Near Your Computer?

in General 2 Comments

This week, I have had 3 phone calls regarding what I am referring to as the BT Hacking Scam. This is probably very similar to the Microsoft Windows Log Error […]

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Saving Images For Print in Photoshop

in Photoshop No Comments

One of the questions I get asked (a lot) is how do you go about saving images for print in Photoshop? This is very common task, but the results can be […]

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