Do I Need an iPad?

The new iPad 2 is in town and it is becoming the next must-have item. Apple are so very smart with their marketing, creating both desire and need where there isn’t one, just like those ad men that make life miserable for millions*…

And so I come to ask myself the same question that many people will also be asking – do I really need an iPad?

The simple and resounding answer is “No!” Let me explain why not.

1. I have an iPhone for when I’m on the move and want to send quick emails, check files, browse the web.

2. If I need to work while I’m not in front of one of my desktop Macs, I use a MacBook laptop device.

3. With an iPad I can’t use Photoshop, InDesign etc

There, that’s a pretty concise list that covers all the reasons why I won’t be splashing out on this fantastic piece of kit. Yes, I love it – it really is a great design and an amazing device that I can see as having a ton of uses, from reading, to browsing to enjoying multimedia. If I was able to work with my Creative Suite apps I would seriously consider it, but at the moment it’s not a justifiable expense.

Now, if any kind soul wants to donate one to me, that is another story…

*For the record, I’m a designer and whilst my motto is “Making You look good” I don’t advocate making people feel like there is something missing in their life in order to make a living.

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