Bluetooth Devices and OS X

I use a Magic Trackpad as an optional device with my iMac. This is going to get a lot more use with the release of OS X 10.7 Lion, as multi-touch gestures have been significantly emphasised. Read more about the gestures here. The only problem is that sometimes I get dropouts, where the trackpad loses it’s connection to my iMac…

If you have a Magic Mouse or wireless Bluetooth keyboard and experience the same issues, try this:

Go to System Preferences > Bluetooth. Select your peripheral from the list on the left then click the little cog at the bottom. Add it to your favourites. This seems to have resolved it for me.

Just remember, if you use more than one pointing device (I have a Wacom tablet with a stylus/mouse ), make sure the mouse is not sitting on the tablet when you try to use the trackpad!

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  1. HOPE

    Thank you! After 2 hours of fudging with this, you solved it. many thanks.

    • Stuart

      You are welcome! Glad it helped.

  2. Denise M

    It was suggested this might help a new iMac OS X.8.2 might stop it not waking from sleep – in addition to other suggestions which so far are NOT working. Seems to power back up fine after shut down. Thanks

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