AirPlay Mirroring in iOS 5

Apple have done it again – made me go “Oh my God!”

Yesterday, I used the new AirPlay Mirroring feature on my iPhone 4S for the first time and was pleasantly surprised…

First of all, AirPlay Mirroring is a new feature included in the iOS 5 software update. It lets you wirelessly stream whatever you are doing on your iPhone 4S or iPad 2, straight to your HD TV, using your Apple TV unit as the bridge.

Access AirPlay MirroringTo access it you need to double-tap the home key on your device.

This brings up the hidden dock with all your currently running apps in a horizontal list.

Scroll all the way to the right, past the Music  and orientation lock screen and you’ll see a new AirPlay button and volume slider.

Click on the AirPlay button and an options screen opens. Select your Apple TV and slide the Mirroring button to On.

Click Done and now you should see the image on your HD TV showing whatever is on your iPhone 4S/iPad 2.

This is seriously very cool (I don’t use that word often!) as you rotate the device and the onscreen image mirrors your device. You can use pinch/zoom gestures, and use your device as you would normally and everyone gets to see what you are looking at. You can show web pages and even the games as you play them – now this might have some very practical benefits!!!

Well done Apple – I’m impressed!


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