Adding Images to Your Signature in Mail

Here’s a quick way of adding a signature with a graphic to your signature in Apple Mail. Please note, this will show the image as an attachment in Outlook etc and will only work if the recipient has html emails enabled.

  1. Create your logo or graphic.
  2. Go to the Preferences pane in Mail:

    Mail Preferences

    Mail Preferences

  3. Go across the top and select the signatures option:



  4. From the bottom of this panel, click the + button to create a new signature and give it a name:

    create signature

    Create Signature

  5. Type in your text – any www. links will automatically get converted to hyperlinks.
  6. Either copy and paste or drag your graphic from the Finder straight into the signature pane.

    image added

    Image Added to Signature

  7. Drag this newly-created signature to your email account on the left-hand side.

    Drag to add signature

    Add Signature

  8. When you create a new email it will be added to your message by default. If you have more than one signature, either select a default signature from the bottom of the signatures panel, or select the one you want to include from the signatures drop-menu at the top of your new email.

    Select Signature

    Select Signature

If you want to create an html signature that doesn’t involve the use of attachments, please see this link which explains this method very clearly.

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