Page Thumbnails in InDesign

By default, the Pages panel in InDesign displays the page thumbnails vertically. Personally, I prefer to see them laid out horizontally. To change this, click the triangle in the top corner of the Pages panel and a sub-menu appears. Go to Panel Options… right at the bottom and uncheck the vertical option on the new panel that opens.

I also tend to change the thumbnail size to small icons.

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  1. Lars

    Do anyone know if there is possible to view all the pages in a document as thumbnails on the screen at the same time.
    Very useful for sorting the pages.
    In the old Pagemaker this function was possible.

    Regards Lars

    • Designermagic

      Hi Lars, yes, this is possible. Use the smal disclosure triangle on the top-right of the pages palette. Select Panel Options… From there you can set the size of the icons and use them as thumbnails.

  2. Lars

    Yes, I have tried this option, but I want to fill the hole screen with all the pages, not only a stripe with a few.

    • Designermagic

      Sorry Lars, but other than choosing the extra large icons and resizing the pages palette, I don’t know of another way to view all the pages as thumbnails.

  3. Fred Switzenberg

    Hahahah, I just read the reference to Pagemaker post from one of your viewers. Wow. Those were the days, and they sucked. As much as I hate dealing with New Adobe stuff, and having to learn new things just as I finally got the previous stuff down, they really do deserve a tremendous amount of credit for the most recent iterations of InDesign. I haven’t even scratched the surface, but I love what it can do.

    I do find my self reading your advice/tips quite a bit though, so thanks! Especially the horizontal thumbnails piece above. I must have forgotten how the heck to do that fifty times. Your info. pops up in Google immediately and is vastly superior to watching some third world video where it takes them ten minutes to cut to the chase…

    • Haiz Design

      Hi Fred, thanks for your comment. Very pleased you find this site and content helpful.

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