Page Thumbnails in InDesign

By default, the Pages panel in InDesign displays the page thumbnails vertically. Personally, I prefer to see them laid out horizontally. To change this, click the triangle in the top corner of the Pages panel and a sub-menu appears. Go to Panel Options… right at the bottom and uncheck the vertical option on the new panel that opens.

I also tend to change the thumbnail size to small icons.

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  1. Lars

    Do anyone know if there is possible to view all the pages in a document as thumbnails on the screen at the same time.
    Very useful for sorting the pages.
    In the old Pagemaker this function was possible.

    Regards Lars

    • Designermagic

      Hi Lars, yes, this is possible. Use the smal disclosure triangle on the top-right of the pages palette. Select Panel Options… From there you can set the size of the icons and use them as thumbnails.

  2. Lars

    Yes, I have tried this option, but I want to fill the hole screen with all the pages, not only a stripe with a few.

    • Designermagic

      Sorry Lars, but other than choosing the extra large icons and resizing the pages palette, I don’t know of another way to view all the pages as thumbnails.

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