InContext Pricing – Adobe to charge for service

Well, following my previous post on the new CMS service from Adobe, it seems that Adobe are going to charge for the InContext service.

Understandably, this has led to several heated views on the Adobe forums, see this one for example, as paying Dreamweaver users seek to offer a service to their clients.

My view is that we pay for the software to create sites and this software now includes a new feature; a feature to build editable regions so we can allow our clients to update their sites themselves. This is something that would offer another level of customer service and a much-valued add-on to clients. Asking them to then pay us a monthly fee for this feature is ridiculous and in some cases, may be overkill for the clients who only need to make very small changes infrequently.

Perhaps Adobe should consider waiving fees to their customers who register their products, as an incentive and also a thank you for paying for their software in the first place!

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  1. Ambient

    just wondering if you might have an answer to what seems to be a silly question. I’m trying to embed a youtube video using in context but cannot. Also I can’t even upload video from my computer. I assume I’m the moron here and not Adobe?? Right???

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